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  • 3.0 Women
  • 3.5 Women
  • 4.0 Women
  • 4.5 Women
  • 3.0 Men 
  • 3.5 Men
  • 4.0 Men
  • 4.5 Men

Reminder: For all championship play, including "local at state" play, the following procedures in the event of a tie are used and reflected in Tennis Links Standings reports:

2.03H Procedures in the Event of a Tie. In the event of a tie, whether in round robin or single elimination competition, the tie shall be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so:

2.03H(1) Individual Matches. Winner of the most individual matches in the entire competition.
2.03H(2) Head-to-Head. Winner of head-to-head match.
2.03H(3) Sets. Loser of the fewest number of sets.
2.03H(4) Games. Loser of the fewest number of games.