2021 USTA League Regulation 3.03E

3.03E NTRP Grievances.
3.03E(1) Players Subject to NTRP Grievances.

3.03E(1)a Any self-rated player who is playing at an NTRP level lower than his/her actual skill level is subject to an NTRP Grievance. If an NTRP Grievance Committee determines that the self-rated player has an inaccurate or inappropriate self-rating, the player shall be disqualified and have his/her NTRP level adjusted by the NTRP Grievance Committee. Scoring of matches played by the disqualified player, per Reg. 3.03E(6), may be administered in accordance with Reg. 3.03B(4) Scoring of Eligibility Disqualification in Local League and Reg. 3.03C(4) Scoring of Eligibility Disqualification for Championships. The NTRP Grievance Committee may additionally impose other penalties against a player who has inappropriately self-rated, including suspension. Also, a captain or others who have completed, assisted, condoned or approved inappropriate self-rating will be subject to such penalties as the NTRP Grievance Committee may decide, including suspension.

3.03E(1)b A player with a valid NTRP Computer (C) rating or granted an Automatic Appeal (A) rating of a Computer (C) rating is not subject to an NTRP Grievance. Players 60 or over and players 65 or over who are promoted and granted an appeal per Reg. 2.05E are also not subject to an NTRP Grievance. Any other player is subject to an NTRP Grievance including players with granted Medical Appeals.

3.03E(2) Any league captain, coordinator or member of a Championship Committee may file an NTRP Grievance.