Registration is now open.

Please read the following information before registering:

Player Search-Captains, use your team number to see which of your players have completed registration for the event. This search function will be available 2-3 days after registration opens.

Important information regarding Registration:

1. Registration is $35 per person for players on teams that competed in local matches. Registration is $17 for players on teams that did not compete in local matches as they will be playing their local league at the state championship but have already paid part of the fee via Tennis Link.  Fees are non-refundable.

2. Captains/Players may register up to 10 participants at one time, or each participant may register individually. If you need to register more than 10 participants, register the 10 and then start again and register the remaining participants.

3. ATTENTION CAPTAINS: Unless already on file with the local league coordinator, a $150 security deposit check, payable to MTA, MUST be postmarked no later than October 21, 2020. Deposits should be mailed to MTA, Attn: Lindsey Dye, P.O. Box 5388, Jackson, MS 39296. Deposits are subject to forfeiture if teams withdraw after the schedule has posted, do not complete all scheduled matches, or for other infractions.

4. To register you must have your team number. If you do not know your team number click here for instructions.

5. Each registration requires a different email address to be used.
•If you share an email address with another participant, different email addresses must be used for each registration.
•If you register with your email address and then another registration is made using that same address the original registration will be overwritten.
•When registering for separate events, a different email address must be used for each registration.
• You can enter a false email address if necessary (for example,
•The email address is a unique identifier in the registration database. Other than communication with captains, the email addresses are not used for any purpose other than separating different registrations.

6. To see which members of your team have signed up, choose Player Search from the menu at the top left of the Registration Page and enter your team number. This link will appear 2-3 days after registration opens.

7. Only players listed on your roster in TennisLink, who meet the criteria for advancing, may be registered for the tournament. Captains are responsible for insuring that all registered players are eligible.

8. You must have 6 team members registered for this event by 4pm on October 20, 2021.

9. Players registering after October 20, cannot be guaranteed a t-shirt.

10.Registration for additional players will remain open throughout the event.