General Grievance

2017 USTA League Regulations 3.02

3.02A General Grievance.  Any grievance, other than those defined in Regulation 3.02B Administrative Grievance, 3.02C National League Grievance, 3.02D Eligibility Grievance and 3.02E NTRP Grievance, alleging a violation of the USTA Constitution and Bylaws; the FRIEND AT COURT – The USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations including THE CODE and Wheelchair Rules of Tennis (unless modified by these USTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS); the USTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS; or standards of good conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship, shall constitute a General Grievance.

3.02B Administrative Grievance. Any grievance pertaining to administration of a league at any level below the national level shall constitute an Administrative Grievance.

3.02C National League Grievance The only National League Grievance that can be filed is a grievance against the National League Administrator.

3.02D Eligibility Grievance.  Any grievance, other than an NTRP Grievance, contending that a player and/or team has failed to meet eligibility requirements to participate in the USTA League shall constitute an Eligibility Grievance.  

For additional information regarding grievances, please contact the state league coordinator, Lindsey Bullard. (