Championship Information (rules, procedures, format, eligibility, captain responsibilities)

Tournament Information

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Event Schedule:

  • Thursday, September 7 —Team check in will be open from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Greenville Country Club. At check-in captains will be given , player gifts and other important information.   Please make plans to attend or send a representative for your team. Please make sure to check in and get your team information at least one hour before your first scheduled match. There will be no formal meeting
  • Friday, September 8—Play begins at 8 am.  When registering for the tournament, insure that you have a full complement of players as early as 8am on Friday.
  • Saturday, September 9--Play begins at 8am.
  • Saturday, September 9-Lunch will be served. You must have your ticket from your captain.
  • Sunday, September 10--Play begins at 8am. Any finals will be played on Sunday.

Tournament Sites

  • Greenville Country Club, 2476 MS-1, Greenville, MS 38701
  • Cypress Hills Tennis Club1440 Oakwood Dr, Greenville, MS 38701

Surface: Hard